A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Game I did for the Ludum Dare 38-jam, themed small world.
Your goal in this game is to get as many points with as few "weapons" as possible. It's a puzzle/simulation game. You get more points if you hit cities, then factories and then hamlets/towns. The more people you manage to destroy the better. You lose points for each weapon you use, each citizen left standing, as well as hitting the moon.


-Fully automated asteroid hurling

-Homing missiles

-Destruction on a small world scale

-Amazing looping theme by yours truly

-Caffeine fueled graphics

-Almost stable codebase

Install instructions

-Unzip the game

-Run the ToKillaPlanetingbird.exe


ToKillAPlanetingbird.zip 14 MB
ToKillAPlanetingbirdMAC.app.zip 16 MB

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